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Shenzhen Xiangtong Co.,Ltd.

XiangTong was Founded at Apr.9, 2001 with a 18 years’ experience on the R&D of Zirconia and Auto Equipment, which is now a national high-tech enterprise.


XiangTong has grown into a newly high-tech company concentrating on photo-communication and dentistry. Its Offices including SHENZHEN XIANGTONG CO.,LTD. and Dongguan Xiangtong Photoelectricity Technology Company, with over 1200 employees.

Affiliated to China Aviation Industry Group, which is of 500 subsidiaries, among them 26 are listed, and some 500 thousand workers ranked 143rd among the world top 500 companies, annual sales pass 60 billion dollars.

At the time being, Xiangtong owns three manufacture centers: Songshanhu Xinhao , Dalingshan, and Shenzhen Marketing center.

In 2017,Xiangtong’s sales amount reach 430 million .Its x-mill 4 axis and 5 axis milling machine has been the sales champion successively within 5 years among other China-made dentistry engraving machines.

SHENZHEN XIANGTONG CO.,LTD. with XTCERA as its brand name, its Zirconia blank has been adopted by more than 1000 labs, and trusted among over 2000 clinics around the world. Every one hour, over 720 units are made by XTCERA Zirconia blank, every year we help more than 6.25 million people finding back their sweet smile.

More than 500 units’ x-mill machines are being supplied around the world annually, total market taking pass 2500 units, until now, we are still the No.1 supplier of dental milling machine in Domestic market, and globally we have been supplying to markets of more than 30 countries and regions.

The best after-sale-service team is always available to offer the highest-quality service,24-hour online.

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I want to say that your products are very good. Thank you for all your suggestion, also good after sales service. -- Adela

We trust the quality of your products. It always the best. Keep this going, and we will establish a long-term trade relationship with you. -- Charlie Bingham